Owners Kayti (Chung) & Gentri Williams’ together opened Koreole from their little kitchen at home, testing out and combining their cultures of food.   Kimchi, Bibimbap, and Kimbap were all staples at the Chung dinner table.  Gumbo, Red Beans, Creole dishes were all staples at the Williams table.  When Kayti moved to New Orleans several years ago, she met and married Gentri.  Now they have Elyse, their beautiful daughter who is both Korean and Creole. With the addition of Elyse, the Korean/Creole concept of Koreole was born too.

KOREOLE: Korean meets Creole.

Food is more than just eating a meal and eating a meal is more than just food.  At Koreole we believe that food is about family, great memories and the enjoyment of fresh, healthy, delicious food.


E + menues

St. Claude Food Truck Park Pop Up debut October 2014



Koreole at the Market – April 2015-April 2016

We started as a pop-up vendor at the St. Claude Food Truck Park. We then spent a year at the St. Roch Market and reached our goals as a start-up business.  Currently, we are working towards opening up our new location on 2809 St. Claude Avenue.


Our beautiful intimate backyard kitchen & space!


Right on St. Claude! Look for the “purple building”

We also cater and pride ourselves in our professionalism and hospitality along with one of a kind menu! Contact us today to have your next event catered by Koreole.


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