Movin’ on out!


For the past 337 days, Koreole has been open at the St. Roch Market, excluding 3 days we were closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mardi Gras.  We have built so many awesome relationships with our customers and vendors in those 334 days.  And now, we are excited to announce we are officially moving out of the market and into our own space in the next few months.

Our last day of service is APRIL 6, 2016, WEDNESDAY!

We would like to say THANK YOU to our family, friends, customers and neighbors.  Please join us for food, drinks, and fun on our last day from 5-8pm.  

Our new beautiful space is envisioned to be your neighborhood spot!  Whether its for a community meeting, grab and go for breakfast, lunch, and early dinner, makin’ groceries (fresh and local!), we want to be very much a part of our community and neighborhood.  We will start small and slow, work with our neighbors and neighboring businesses!!

We look forward to serving you!

Please stay connected with us as we venture onto our next step!

-Koreole Cafe & Grocery-

Coming Summer 2016!


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